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  CST - Cosmologic Spatial Treatise



Step 8:


The solid portions of the earth also suffer increases in their volumes with the presence of the Moon and other planetary confluences, the so called “Terrestrial Tides”. In average, its elevation (vertical dilation) is around 25 centimeters every 12 hours, but it can reach up to 45 cm during equinoxes. Other significant dilations occur during the alignment of the Earth with external planets such as Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which, according to the resulting volume from the ‘Spatial flow’, can cause alterations in the Earth’s subsoil that are so expressive that earthquakes(*), tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and other climatic anomalies may occur…

(*) Earthquakes may happen mainly if there already are faults or a tendency to accommodate dirt within the layers of the aligned subsoil.

As an example, look at the graphic of an abnormal dilation, that is, different than the everyday average on Earth only with the presence of the Moon, the blue line representing the temperature variation within the ‘test mass’, and the red one representing the gravity variation (DnDg); [Look!]

Now, look at the ‘astronomical ephemeris’ (a table containing the position of the celestial bodies at every hour) during the same time of the previous graphic, in which planet Jupiter, besides aligning itself with Earth, passes closer to it in the same day (October 18th), therefore justifying the great dilation of the ‘test mass’ in the Hydrogravimeter; [Look!]

This fact occurs because, from time to time, the Earth “intercepts” the ‘vectorial spatial Flow’ between the Sun and Jupiter, which then attests the existence of a “flow” of ‘Space’, unrelated to “gravitational attraction”, as in that moment Jupiter was positioned on one side of the Earth whereas the Sun was on the other.

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Step 9 :


We hope that so far, our reader already has a notion of the concept and importance of ‘Space’ (with a capital ‘S’) as a “semi-material” element, or pre-energy, given that matter is energy condensed within atomic microstructures… We also hope that our reader might be curious to know how matter absorbs ‘Space’ and suffers increases in its volume.   

The explanation is also very simple! As it is with everything in nature. However, the simplicity is directly proportional to the teaching “didactics”, and conversely proportional to the lack of interest to learn;

So, firstly, let us review the First Premise of the ST:

“All movement requires ‘Space’ and all ‘Space’ is consolidated with movement”

As we know, every material structure is composed by atoms, which are themselves micro “housings” that retain a certain amount of ‘energy’, and it, in turn, is no more than ‘Space’ in high spin or vibration, which means a lot of movement – if there is movement it is because there is ‘Space’ flowing ; coming in and out… (Not floating!). Proof of that is that we can perceive through our senses such as smell, temperature, taste and ‘Image’ (with a capital ‘I’); mainly.

In this case, both the Earth and the Moon, require and share the same volume of ‘Space’ around them, along with the movement of the Sun, which returns the ‘Space’ in the form of Light and heat mainly. So, a kind of “current” of ‘spatial Fluid’ is formed which trespasses the Earth from side to side towards the Moon; see the illustration. [Look!]

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Step 10 :


For the ST it does not matter knowing the position and speed of the particles in the quantum world, but the types and amount of spatial movement of an individual atomic structure, that is, the ‘density of the movement’, as well as knowing the type of matter element that is in question, by the concentration of quantum energy retained, by these associated movements, as described in the second premise of the ST:

“Matter and energy are products derived from ‘Space’, and they are differentiated by the density of the associated movement.” 

Find here the Conceptual Postulates of this important premise: [Look!]



Step 11:


Still based on the second premise, the Light is also a “vibration” of ‘Space’ itself, and the ‘density of movement’ refers to the value of the associated frequencies. Its propagation speed is measured only by the length of wave of the optical stream.

The small visible stream, which to humans varies from red to blue, is the guarantee to any observer of the presence of the Light. – if there is Light, there necessarily are other invisible spectra, such as infrared (heat), ultraviolet, electric, magnetic… etc. All of the above are conducted along with Light. (Read!)

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