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The purposes of the publication of this study are numerous, that is due to it involving various areas of scientific knowledge.  However, the most important objective is, undoubtedly, to dispel the “myths” surrounding the study of nature through new concepts for general Physics, concepts which bring more coherent and reasonable explanations for earthly and cosmological phenomena, hence attracting as many people as possible to the fascinating world of science. As well as make it more attractive to students who have an aversion to this particular subject.   

Now, follows a list containing other purposes of the Cosmologic Spatial Treatise pertaining society in general.

“Unify” the fields of study in physics into one “only Theory” (unified fields).

“Optimize” the fields of energy study into one “only causal principle”.

“Elect” man (observer) as the ‘crib of Time’. [1]

“Propose” new Laws for Physics in general.

 “Bring” modifications and to complement some of the Laws in effect at this moment.

“Imbue” the mental-Space with the potential of ‘infinite creativity’.

“Introduce” the ‘intelligent principle’ as a ‘third universal pillar’, one which will guide new studies in physics as well as other studies.

“Explain” important natural phenomena which, up until the time of publication, still lacked adequate explanations.

“Answer” questions pertaining Cosmological and Quantum themes (spatial) which have shaken the credibility of other similar studies.

“Legitimize” ‘Space’ (with a capital S) as the ‘primordial element’, responsible for the formation, support, expansion and movement of the entire Universe. [2]

“Dissipate” controversies and speculations which haunt many researchers nowadays.

“Return” credibility to the ‘true scientists’, overshadowed by so many conceptual contradictions created by so many careless researchers who seek only to be pioneers and famous.

“Make available” a ‘database’ containing more than 2.000.000 variables, obtained during 11 years of gravimetric readings/registers in Brazil.

“Describe” experiences performed by the authors in order to corroborate fundamental aspects of the ‘Spatial Theory’. As well as to “suggest” others which haven’t been performed yet.

The Cosmologic Spatial Treatise (CST) presents the ‘Spatial Theory’ (ST), which is based upon 5 (five) relatively simple premises, but ones of great coverage, capable of sustaining on their own arguments that are adequate to all the items previously listed, and even others that were not listed here

The CST also supports similar studies from authors of the past or present… It does not (in any moment) destroy that which has been concluded, proven and published by preceding authors.     

NOTES (Return)

[1] ‘Crib of Time’ = the ‘mental Space’ of the observer himself.

[2] ‘Space’ = Universal fluid, it is the name and unifying concept proposed by the ‘Spatial Theory’.



The Cosmologic Spatial Treatise has in its title the word Treatise, as it is a long and diversified study on ‘Modern physics’ (from Galileo) which reviews the hits and misses on the interpretations of past scientific experiments all through its creation. The word “Cosmologic” is coherent with the ‘universal coverage’ inherent to this work, not only to a ‘microcosm’ level; the small world of the atoms and other subatomic elements, but also to a ‘macrocosm’ level, the big world of the celestial bodies, stars, galaxies and other such space dimensions.

The term “Spatial” is there because it introduces ‘Space’ (with a capital S), as the essential element of everything that has ever existed, exists and is still to exist in this Universe where we live, even before the Universe’s very existence, in its early stages of formation.

The capital ‘S’ has the purpose of differentiating ‘Space’ from ‘space-volume, as ‘Space’ occupies space-volume (this is further explained in the ‘conceptual postulates of the premises). 

It will be common, in the course of this work, to read ‘Space’ written between quotes (‘ ‘), that is because of its ‘excellence’ and majestic importance to nature as a whole.

Other terms will also appear between quotes in order to highlight them, given the amount of importance of every word within the theme being discussed and/or to alert the reader to a “new concept” within the context of the Treatise; it is convenient to click on the link or to refer to the glossary.

The Cosmologic Spatial Treatise presents the ‘Spatial Theory’ (ST) with 5 (five) ‘spatial premises’ (which directly involve Space), and the entire experimental and theoretical development which have brought us to them or which have confirmed them. The ST precedes the ‘Universal Theory’ (UT), which covers more subtle aspects of the human nature, including 2 (two) other premises, totalizing 7 (seven). However, presently it is not ‘convenient’ to publish them. 

*Author: Plinio Cesar de Alvarenga

*Co-Autor: Tulio Catta Preta


" There is no logical path leading to the discovery of the elementary Laws

of the uiniverse, the only path is that of intuition".

... Albert Einstein


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