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 CST - Cosmologic Spatial Treatise



Introductory Note

Dear visitor, you are about to come into contact with a revolutionary scientific demonstration, which is about to be released to the general public at any time. This work is the result of more than 30 years worth of research, systematic observation of nature, various experiments both out in the field and in laboratories, and, much 'intuition'! - it is all presented within seven volumes which compose the ‘Cosmologic Spatial Treatise’.

Even though one of the purposes of this ‘Treatise’ is the simplification of Physics in general by eliminating myths, mistakes, frauds, fantasies, exaggerations, gross suppositions, uncertainties and other complications, therefore making Physics easier for everyone to comprehend. There are, however, some “classical concepts” which are still in the process of being reformulated, which in turn means that they can be better appreciated by people who finished or are attending high school.

And, if the word “Physics” repulses you in any degree, we assure you that within this “Reading Guide” natural phenomena are explained without recurring to complex mathematic formulae.
As Einstein once said:

“Mathematical theses are not accurate when they relate to reality,

and when they are correct, they don’t relate to reality.”
(Albert Einstein)

Tips from reading guide
So you can properly understand the basics of the ‘Spatial Theory without having to waste time by randomly accessing pages and articles because your find their titles interesting, don’t do that! Follow the guide herein, as it will conduct you through a line of thought more conveniently adequate.   
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- Now, relax… Follow the guide along with only your ‘intuition’!


1º Step:


Initially, we would like to advise the reader that the greatest villain which affects all sciences at all times is called “interpretation”, be it of the witnessed natural phenomena, laboratory experiments, thoughts, dreams, intuitions etc. The greatest part of the mistakes is “conceptual”, that is, the manner in which each individual can perceive and decipher the manifestations of nature in general. 
So, in this article, we alert you to the fact that the concepts, pre-concepts and other ‘referentials’ which were previously established within our minds (conscious memory) can prevent us from perceiving and/or accepting new ideas, explanations or other ‘viewpoints’ of the same fact or phenomenon
; [Read!]


2º Step:


(*) In the CST there is only “one” science, disregarding temporal or authorial qualities such as: Classic, Newtonian, Cartesian, Contemporary, Relativistic etc. The term ‘Modern’ was kept because it marks the beginning of a new scientific conscience, and with it, a new way of analyzing nature, be it through systematic observation or methodic experimentations (scientific method). However, to this day, the cycle of this ‘modernity’ has yet to be closed. We believe that only a group of ‘New Laws’, properly proven ones, can justify the ‘Era’ change.

In this step, the important thing is to know “what” was done in the past and by “whom” which has in turn consolidated what we know today. The following article describes an abstract of Physic’s trajectory as a modern science, a trajectory initiated by Galileo, who prepared the terrain so that Isaac Newton could definitely establish the very first “Universal Concept”; [Read!]


The criterion adopted by CST in order to establish the pillars of ‘modern Science’ was the aspect of “universality”, that is, the concept itself has to be universal. So, as everything possesses movement, the universal Dynamicity is presented as the first of Physics’ pillars.
Now, get to know a short story about Newton, where it is shown how he consolidated the First pillar; [Read!]



It is of maximum importance to know the “disastrous” experiment performed by Michelson and Morley (M&M) which has changed the trajectory of Physics in general because of an interpretation error. Following that, Einstein’s opportunity to present his ‘Theory of Relativity;’[Read!]


In fact, it was very fortunate that the publication of the ‘Special Relativity theory’ has occurred as it “filled”  the big blank left by M&M’s ill fated experiment, replacing ‘Ether’ with ‘Curve Space-time’, this has brought back the “observer” and his direct 'relation' with 'Time', therefore consolidating the Second universal pillar; [Read!]

Complement of the Second Step:
The tale of the mysterious John Polincognito, the invisible! [Read!]


3º Step:


Many are the reasons which lead a large part of the ‘scientific society’ to ignore the existence of ‘Ether’ as a “subtle fluid” or even as an ‘essential element’ or ‘pre-energy’, even if they know it by different names such as: Neutrinos, cosmic Space, cosmic Plasma, cosmic Fluid, universal fluid, intergalactic Gas, dark Energy, solar Wind, cosmic Wind, Prana, Curve Space, Space-time, negative Light, Darkness, quantum gravity, Big Bang Echoes, Black hole Echoes, Gravitational waves, quantum Vacuum among others.   
As ‘Ether’ is everywhere, and it manifests in various forms, the natural tendency is to interpret it as different and independent elements and substances. Therefore, the existence of difficulty identifying it is justifiable. However, the manner through which Michelson & Morley planned to detect ‘Ether’ was not the ideal. Besides, to this day the intimate structure of ‘Light’ is not yet completely known.
- Now, take a look at a list of reasons which prevented M&M’s experiment (and other similar experiments) from proving the existence of ‘Ether’ beyond reasonable doubt.;


4º Step:


First and foremost by observing the oceanic tide phenomenon…

Did you know that there are two high Tides a day?
It is true!

One every 12h:21m... What seemed even stranger was knowing that the Moon only shows up once a Day... What mystery would be behind that? [Refer to Illustration]
So, the following question is asked:

- If the tides are indeed created by the moon’s “gravitational attraction”, how is it that there are two tides a day, one high tide on the side where the Moon is present, and another, similar tide, happening on the opposite side of Earth in the same direction as the Moon’s alignment?

Example: If at noon a high tide occurs at Copacabana beach in Rio, simultaneously there will be another high tide in the seas of Japan… And the moon is directly over Brazil!

We have researched explanations for this natural phenomenon, but we have found no convincing answer… However, there is one explanation which up until now has been accepted by the scientific community, but one which easily deceives not only the average person, but also Physics students; [Read!]

- Now take a look at a list of real facts which contradict the previously presented Thesis; [Read!]
 (In case you have already seen the list via the previous link, skip to the fifth step)


5º Step:


Since we were not convinced by and the thesis we found, we needed mainly to know if a there was in fact a force of attraction exerted by the moon on earth, or whether it was some other kind of distant interaction between the celestial bodies. The only certainty we had was the act the moon in fact influenced directly the tides.
So, based upon the `Spatial Theory` which we are presenting, gravity is a `Spatial flow`, and that without Space (capital E) there can be no `movement` (first premise), we have concocted and executed a very simple experiment using two glass containers each containing one litter of saltwater, with which it was possible to confirm that which had already been foreseen by theoretical postulates; [Read]
[Volume three-exp-01.pdf]

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6º Step:


As you can notice, as the experiment which was described in the previous `step`, even though it is very simple, it is very reliable and, it has "killed two birds with one stone". Not only does it prove that there are no “attractive forces“exerted by the moon on the earth, since the expected decrease in the atmosphere`s weight did not occur, we could also notice that the volume increase in then liquid masses were  proportional within both glass containers; the containers behaved identically.

- So, what actually causes water to rise on both sides of the earth at the same time?

Still based only on the first premise of the `spatial theory`, the explanation of this phenomenon will be better understood as the people comprehend the concept of `Space` as an energy which is inside everything, one that permeates everything. [Read!]
In the case of the tides, All you have to do is imagine a `spatial flow` (like a wind) trespassing Earth from side to side towards the moon, and, in that moment, molecules of both water and earth retain part of that Space and, consequently, increase their volume. Then, they release all that space when there is no longer that abundance of energy which is aligned with the Moon’s position in its movement along with Earth.

Finally, to confirm the postulates of the theory, we designed and built (using our own resources) a simulator of tides in our laboratory and then we started observation of the behavior of a given volume of saltwater stored inside a special tank.  This experimental procedure has been extended for eleven years, and the results were no different from the theoretical predictions based on the `spatial flow`; [Read!

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7º Step:


We have had the privilege of finding out that the “gravitational interaction” between the earth and the moon is a 'vectorial' 'spatial flow' which of trespasses earth from side to side, and that the salt water molecules (Ions) retain part of the space which trespasses each atom, resulting in the expectation of the electronic orbits, causing a significant increase in their volumes, as well as a proportional decrease and the water 'density'.
We have also discovered that it is almost impossible to detain (there is only one way) `Space`. No matter how dense the matter is, it can be trespassed.
The conclusions were drawn initially by the symmetry of the two high tides, because They occur at the same time, that is, in equal intervals of twelve hours. And, in sequence, through another experiment performed simultaneously with the previous one (sixth Step). And in the first months, we have discovered the 'meniscus' phenomenon, which was later implanted into the `Hydrogravimeter` Which has in turn functioned for more than ten years. [Read!]

(Vol-III-Experiments 08)

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Someone more demanding might have said during the reading of the article referring to the two glass containers (experiment one):

- The heat variation within the very environment might interfere with the temperature of the glass containers and consequently with their volumes.

- Correct!

[If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so now Exp-01.pdf]

However, this experiment has been repeated with more "control"- the glass containers were left inside a thermally insulated box. The flow of the liquid was also monitored using field bobbins, with which we were able to register the electromagnetic activities in the solutions.  [Read!] ( Vol-III/Exp11.pdf)


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